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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Okay, so does anyone else have teenagers?  I have one. She is 15 (and a half, which is extremely important to her). This morning, after,telling me all her really fun, exciting plans for the weekend, football game, mall, stay the night at friends house, she let me know how luck I was that I didn't have to go to school every day because my job is so much easier than hers. WHAT!!!???? Oh my, I just bit a hole through my tongue. Did I mention we have 5 children one of whom is autistic?Surely during High school I felt like it was definitely the most difficult job in the whole world and that parents had it easy because, well, they were adults and could do what they wanted and OBVIOUSLY we CHOOSE to work everyday, all day, and all night, 365 days a year....

Oh my sweet child, enjoy these years of football games, malls, sleepovers, and friends. They will end all to soon. In the meantime, do you think I can go with you? I wanna have some fun too.

Now back to my super easy, super fun, can't wait to do it job of cooking, cleaning, taking care of baby, laundry, etc.... and of course my passion of sewing.

All of that said.... I love her soooo very much and I couldn't live a day without her. I am trying to heed my own advice and enjoy these awkward, hard teenage years because soon she will be gone and I will miss days like these.

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